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Our Mission

Midwest Business Adventures is committed to helping businesses of every size – from solopreneurs to established companies – become even more successful.

With every client, we strive to provide the highest quality of service to ensure their unique needs are met. From the very basics of a startup business, to the detailed marketing needs of others, Midwest Business Adventures utilizes their first-rate skills and experience to help navigate clients through the crazy adventure running a business can be. 

Our Team

Amanda Anderson

Business Specialist

Amanda was born and raised in north central Minnesota. She attended Concordia University, completing her Bachelor’s in Business Administration. Through the years she has worked with start ups and small businesses, driving her passion and knowledge for entrepreneurship.
Currently living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Amanda lives with her husband, 3 children and their family dog on a small compound. Home is where the heart is. She enjoys organic gardening, off-road Adventure Motorcycle riding and almost anything outdoors with her family.

Hannah Hemen

Designer & Brand Strategist

Even when Hannah was young, her creativity and interest in entrepreneurship was apparent, although not to her. At the age of 12, she began making jewelry and selling it at craft shows with her aunt, while learning to build websites with her uncle. Eventually, she went on to receive her B.S. in marketing and began working as a freelance marketing consultant. Hannah soon discovered her love for business and helping others develop their businesses.
Today, in her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature with her dog, Dakota, making wine, and watching her honeybees.

Our Story

A few years ago, Hannah was redesigning a website for a client when she met Amanda. Amanda was working for the client and became Hannah’s designated point of contact for the website. Through their many conversations, they soon discovered they each had similar businesses.

Hannah had originally started as a freelance digital marketing and social media consultant, but had recently rebranded as ChicGeek Design, and began focusing on website development. Amanda was currently as an online marketing and social media consultant with her business, Your Online Marketing Assistant (YOMA) By Amanda. 

Since they both were in similar professions and shared similar experiences, Amanda and Hannah quickly began a great working relationship, sharing advice, referring clients, and venting frustrations. Their professional relationship soon turned into a great friendship. 

Satisfied Clients

Combined Years of Experience

Towards the end of 2019, Amanda and Hannah began discussing the possibility of combining YOMA By Amanda and ChicGeek Design to offer greater service to clients. With the busyness of everyday life and their current business success, they began brainstorming their merge with an estimated launch of January 2021. 

Like many business owners, Amanda and Hannah began to feel a lot of pressure and uncertainty when COVID-19 hit. They began to put more thought into their business merge and decided there was no better time than then to launch. With the desire to help other entrepreneurs and business owners through the tough times that COVID-19 has brought, Amanda and Hannah created Midwest Business Adventures. 

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